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Lizette CZ
4 min readAug 23, 2021


Quit hunting for the information you need!

Ever feel like you’re a chicken hunting and pecking to find information you need? The Lighting App Builder customization feature can be your solution.

To get to the Lightning App Builder, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen and select Edit Page from the drop down menu. The Lightning App Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that makes it easy to create custom pages for your Salesforce mobile app and/or Lighting Experience.

In the Hawaii Literacy project, all 3 objects are associated with each other (Campaign — Volunteer Jobs — Volunteer Hours), so we used the Lightning App Builder to create customized pages with a Related List Quick Links section at the top of each page…

to easily access the related Volunteer Jobs to a specific Campaign:

and an easy access to related Volunteer Hours to a specific Volunteer Job:

To add the Related List Quick Links section to the page, click and drag the “Related List Quick Links” from the Standard Components column onto the canvas. On the Campaign and Volunteer Job page, we placed it at the top of page, above the Details tab so it’s easy to access.

Think of this scenario — you’re a famous chef and you’re making Garlic Butter Chicken. But all the spices are in the pantry 10 feet away from the stove. Wouldn’t you rather have the spices in the cabinet right next to the stove?

Then we added the Activity component to the right side of the page to do tasks, etc and see Upcoming & Overdue tasks related to the record.

You see the Related and Activity tab next to Details? These tabs are redundant since we just added the components to the page, so let’s get rid of these 2 tabs. When you click in the tab section, the right side of the page will change to show the tab section’s layout components.

To delete the Related tab, click on the “X” next to “Related” on the far right, then Save and voila, it’s gone.

Oops, want to bring it back? Click the “Add Tab.”

From the “Add Tab,” search for the “Related” tab in the search box and click Done. The Related tab is back, but it’s at the bottom of the list.

Want to reorder the tabs so Related is in between Details and Activity? Click on the “Related” tab and drag it into the position you want. Click on Save.

We wanted to delete the Related tab, so we won’t add it back. Now, delete the Activity tab. See below — Related List Quick Links is at the top, Activity is on the right side and Details is the only tab available.

When you’re done, don’t forget to Save your changes. To get out of the editing mode and back to you’re page, click on the Back arrow at the top left of the Lightning App Builder page. You can also switch from one page to another within the Lightning App Builder by clicking on the “Pages” down arrow to find the Last Modified Pages.

Having an organized page can increase your productivity because everything you want to know is visible and requires less clicking.

Yee haw! No more pecking!!! Join me next week to discover a new feature on the Hawaii Literacy project.





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